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At Portside Physiotherapy we treat all areas of the body. Our aim is to rehabilitate our clients to be stronger than they were before the injury occurred and to reduce the risk of re-occurrence. We offer high quality, evidence-based Physiotherapy Services on the Bellarine Peninsula. Our staff are dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service and care.  All physiotherapists employed by us are experienced private practice clinicians and can offer you treatment and advice on a large range of conditions.  Our consultations are all 30 minutes long - which means we can focus on you and your treatment and NOT on the clock. Our special interests are in Pilates and Movement based rehabilitation, sports injuries, performing arts injuries and helping the general population to sit, stand and move more efficiently. We aim to treat the whole person and seek out the root cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. This is particularly important for those with pain lasting more than a month.

Professional Associations & Memberships

Our physiotherapists are all members of the Australian Physiotherapist's Association and registered as practitioners with the Australian Health Professional Regulation Authority.  Our Pilates instructor has also completed a 2 year course run by the Australian Pilates Method Association.

Physiotherapy Services


Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy & Injury Rehabilitation

Musculoskeletal physiotherapy encompasses all the “hands on” manual techniques and exercise prescription for the relief or prevention of disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Portside Physiotherapy can help you regain full function following any injury. Rehabilitation involves restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power through various exercises. Rehabilitation is as important as treatment following an injury to get you back to your best. Combining functional exercise with specific fine-tuning of muscles and movement allows you to return to what you love doing best.

Sports Injuries

We can diagnose your sporting injury and give you a prognosis of how long it will take to recover. We’ll help you get back to your sport as soon as you can with a variety of treatment strategies, exercises, taping techniques and activity modification. We can work with you and your coach to ensure you return to sport safely and successfully. We can also send you off for X-ray or Ultrasound if needed, and we’ll refer you on to your GP for MRI/CT or further imaging if needed after your injury.

We also offer a quick $25 tape appointment to re-tape you before your game, just give us a call to book in!

Worksafe and Return to work

Accidents happen at work. The best way to recover from work-related injuries is to get back to work as soon as possible. Portside Physiotherapy can help you do this by assessing and treating the injury and then developing a return to work program suitable to the individual, their work requirements and their circumstances.


Paediatric Physiotherapy

Children and adolescents are constantly growing and changing therefore creating an additional layer to physiotherapy assessment and treatment. Paediatric physiotherapy assesses each child individually and aims to develop programs to enhance the health and wellbeing of the child and maximise their participation in everyday activities. Our physiotherapist is experienced in working with young people and engaging them in a way that makes physiotherapy and exercises FUN!

Dancers & Performers

Dance Assessments

Whether you are looking to start part time or full time dance at a pre-professional level or auditioning for tertiary dance programs, having a full assessment is essential to ensure that you are starting the next stage of your dancing career in the best physical condition you can. Portside Physiotherapy can complete the Tertiary Dance Council – Physiotherapy Examination (as required by many full time programs), or an individualised assessment to help you set appropriate goals for the short and long term.

Pre-Pointe Assessments

Traditionally; dance teachers decided who would get their pointe shoes and when. With the increase in research into dance medicine, pre-pointe assessments have been developed to look at young dancers from an objective standpoint. The pre-pointe assessment generally takes 1 hour to complete and all dancers are provided with an individualised exercise program.

Dance Strength and Conditioning

Dance requires a specialised focus on strength and conditioning due to the complexities of dance technique. Portside Physiotherapy brings together the expertise of Australian and international dancers, acrobats, aerial artists and health professionals to provide classes that challenge and strengthen dancers to achieve their technique and skill goals.

Technique and Flexibility

There is more to flexibility than merely stretching muscles. Many dancers find their flexibility plateaus at some stage during their training. We can help you unlock your true flexibility potential. Our physiotherapists teach dancers how to mobilise their whole body, learn ways to release tight fascia and neural systems that could be restricting their range.

Return to Dance

“When can I dance again?” is the first question asked by many young injured dancers. Whilst it is important to respect your injury and allow it time to heal, staying in classes is also an important part of the recovery process. Portside Physiotherapy works closely with dancers (in consultation with teachers) to ensure their return to full dance load is achieved safely and successfully.

Our Team


Haydee graduated from the University of South Australia with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy in 2012. Since then, she has worked in private practice in both Adelaide and Melbourne and in the community sector in Adelaide. Haydee is an experienced Clinical Pilates Instructor with over 10 years teaching experience and has introduced small group Clinical Pilates sessions at Portside Physiotherapy in 2018.

Haydee’s extensive dance background gives her a unique understanding of treating performing artists of all ages. Her passion is working with her clients to educate them in how their body works, how to actively work through their injuries and how to prevent future injuries occurring. She is also able to offer pre-pointe and tertiary dance assessments.

Haydee’s other clinical interest is in working with infants and children with developmental delays, low tone and hyper-mobility, growth related injuries, musculoskeletal conditions and various disabilities including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Grace Woo

We are excited to announce that Grace will be joining us in early July 2018.  Grace has graduated from the Australian Catholic University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy and is also currently serving in the Army Reserve as a combat medic.  Her clinical interests include sports injury management, women's health, paediatrics and working with Veterans. Please make her feel welcome!

Practice Manager

Kelly began working at Portside in 2011 and has recently stepped up and taken over the role of Practice Manager.  Kelly lives locally with her family in Portarlington. She has also grown up on the Bellarine after living in northern Australia.

She has experience as a personal care assistant and as a manager giving her great customer service skills – Kelly loves a chat!

Kelly loves the great outdoors and spends her weekends on the water fishing with her family.


Cordell has recently joined the Portside team. She came to Portarlington just to visit in 2006 and loved it so much that she now calls it home. Over the years she has witnessed a lot of progress happening around town and is glad to be a part of it.

She has extensive experience in book-keeping and runs her own business along side her work at Portside Physiotherapy.

When she is not working, Cordell enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Childsafe Principles

At Portside Physiotherapy, we understand the importance of creating a safe environment for children, young people and other vulnerable members of the community - which is why we've chosen to apply the Childsafe principles to our business.  This means that we have made it a condition of employment for our staff to have regular National Police Checks and to maintain current Working With Children Checks. 


Initial Consultation: $89 / $81*

Standard Consultation: $77 / $70*

Extended Consultation (2 areas to be treated): $125

Dance Assessment/Pre-pointe Assessment: $125

Clinical Pilates Assessment: $89 / $81*

Clinical Pilates Block of 5: $215

Clinical Pilates Block of 10: $400

Mat Pilates Block of 10: $200

*Senior or healthcare card holders

Please note: ALL Worksafe, TAC and EPC appointments incur a gap payment to be paid on the day. For more details please call and talk to our lovely reception team.

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Portside Physiotherapy has HICAPS Go enabled so you can find us, get a quote (including what your 'out of pocket' expenseswill be), book online, claim and pay all from your mobile phone.

It’s the easy way to manage your health appointments.

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